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Top Reasons Why It Takes So Long To Remodel A Kitchen

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen, now may be the time. Thanks to stimulus checks and a booming housing market, more homeowners than ever are looking into kitchen redesigns. But even with those factors in play there can still be some issues that make it difficult for contractors to stay on schedule like lengthy permitting processes or other unforeseen circumstances

While it’s good to be eager to put some serious work in, it’s important to set a reasonable timeline for your kitchen renovation, too. However, today’s “reasonable timeline” is not the same as it was in previous years.

Why Does It Take So Long To Remodel a Kitchen?

Have you been wondering, “How long does a kitchen take to remodel?” A professional remodeling contractor can make a kitchen remodeling project look quick and easy. However, in reality, the time and effort these projects take can be surprising.

In reality, kitchen remodeling projects are some of the hardest to complete. This is partially due to all of the trades that are involved, including cabinet builders, plumbers, electricians, tile layers, and more. You may need to hire professionals to install a new floor, new backsplash, and other accents, too.

The design phase alone for creating your new kitchen can take a few weeks or more. If your initial design uses something that’s permanently out of stock, for example, it may need a complete overhaul to work around that change.

Even after the design team has done their job, the construction phase can still take several months. Everything has an order that must be obeyed: plumbing, electric, and ductwork must go in first, then drywall, floors, kitchen cabinets, trim, granite countertops, new appliances, painting, and finally, the last touches, such as fixtures and backsplashes. This construction schedule can cause a domino effect if even one tradesman can’t get the products they need. For this reason alone, it is important to find an all in one kitchen and bath remodeling provider.

Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chains

While today might seem like a good time to remodel a kitchen, there are a number of supply chain shortages. Lumber, in particular, has faced more demand during COVID-19 than it has in years, so it’s in short supply. Cabinet builders who make custom cabinetry have been hit particularly hard.

For the same reason, home renovation and kitchen design projects that involve structural changes are particularly expensive right now. Updating your existing kitchen with new paint colors, appliances, and other cosmetic upgrades can be a great way to save money (and time) over a full remodel. That being said, though, this is still not the ideal time for home renovation projects, so if you can afford to put your project off, you may save in the long run.

Realistic Expectations of Time To Remodel a Home

We understand wanting to start your remodeling project right away, especially if you have imminent plans to sell your Eastern Michigan home. If you just can’t wait, having an idea of a fair timeframe is essential.

Full kitchen renovations, complete with layout changes and custom upgrades, usually take at least 10-12 weeks. A more modest upgrade may take only 6-8 weeks for the average kitchen. However, you should plan to add at least 1-2 months to that kitchen remodel timeframe because of COVID-19 delays. Anything less than that is unrealistic in today’s business climate.

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