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Before you begin working with a Michigan kitchen remodeler, you should ask a few questions. By asking your kitchen and bathroom design team a few questions, you can avoid hassles, frustration, and over-priced design and remodeling work. 

The ideal kitchen designer will happily answer all of your questions to the best of their abilities. Here are the top 5 questions you should ask before hiring a Michigan kitchen remodeler

1. Ask for Proof of License, Bonding, Insurance, and Certification

A trustworthy remodeling contractor will have a license to perform remodeling work. Kitchen remodeling contractors should also have insurance, bonds, and certified staff. You should also verify that all license numbers and insurance policies are up to date. 

It is also a good idea to check that your Michigan kitchen remodeler has current affiliations or any reported issues with local and national business, building, and financial agencies like the following: 

It is vital for your Michigan kitchen remodeler to have good standing in their industry. Unresolved issues with the BBB or SEC can indicate poor business practices. Current and long-standing affiliations with industry organizations indicate up-to-date remodeling practices.

2. Ask About the Type of Construction Contract

Before you sign the contract, you should know which type of contract the remodeling contractor is offering. Many sub-par contractors offer a cost-plus contract rather than a fixed-price contract. Cost-plus contracts can go beyond the agreed-upon budget in unexpected ways, while fixed-price contracts cannot.

3. Ask About Scheduling Details

Some kitchen remodeling contractors may juggle multiple projects. While this is standard business, in some cases, it means your project may be pushed aside. You deserve transparency in the construction schedule so you can plan around the remodeling work. 

Be sure to ask what days your contractor, project supervisor, and building crew will be present and how long they plan to take on the project overall. You and your kitchen remodeler should come to an arrangement that works well for both parties to ensure timely completion.

4. Ask for a Detailed Written Warranty on Craftsmanship

While the appliances and items you purchase may automatically come with a warranty, construction warranties are a bit different. You should discuss a detailed written warranty on the labor, materials, and craftsmanship to protect your kitchen remodeling project.

5. Ask About Your Michigan Kitchen Remodeler’s Project History

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom renovation is distinctly different from remodeling any other space in your home. Michigan kitchen remodelers should have extensive training, experience, and an in-depth understanding of the details that make kitchen remodels unique. 

Some kitchen remodelers will have a public portfolio of their previous projects. You can also ask for references and reviews of their past work. This verification of a long history of completed kitchen remodel projects helps you hire the ideal Michigan kitchen remodeler. 

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