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In late September, 2021, John Ward, the owner of All in One Kitchen & Bath was interviewed on the Crushing it with kitchen remodeling podcast about the process of a luxury kitchen remodel.  John was asked specifically what he considered a luxury kitchen remodel?  His response:

What is a luxury kitchen remodel process?

Many luxury homes in southeast Michigan as well as luxury kitchen remodeling projects go hand-in-hand. When the luxury home is new or has been custom-built to luxury specifications, many of those high-end amenities will include a luxury kitchen. As time goes on and tastes change, the homeowner may not be as satisfied with their existing kitchen as they were when it was first installed.

In some cases, Michigan homeowners have been so dissatisfied with their luxury kitchens that they have completely gutted them and have started from scratch with a luxury kitchen remodeling process. In other cases, homeowners are looking for ways to improve what they already have to better meet their needs. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about going through a luxury kitchen remodeling.

The 7-step process to a first class remodel

Our company has a 7 step process that we follow to help luxury homeowners design and install the luxury kitchen of their dreams.

It all starts with a discovery meeting. According to John, “We like to get a personal idea of what our clients are interested in. We’ll talk about your individual tastes, likes, and dislikes when it comes to cooking; how you entertain; what makes you special (we could also call this your ‘bucket list’)…basically tell us everything that sparks your imagination when it comes to luxury living! This part of the luxury kitchen remodeling process is all about helping us understand who you are so that we can incorporate luxury into every aspect of the project.”

To get more information on the All in one kitchen & bath 7 step process give the team a call at (517) 552- 5985 or request a complimentary consultation.