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Renovating kitchens is expensive and requires a reliable kitchen remodeling company to discuss with  them what you want in your new kitchen. Some homeowners may want a full kitchen remodel service; others may want to design custom cabinets and flooring. However, with the complex process, time, and money you put into a kitchen renovation, you should thoroughly evaluate a kitchen remodeling company.

Here are some questions to ask so you can determine if a kitchen renovation company is right for you.

Are You Insured and Have Liability Insurance?

Insurance means you are covered in case of any unfavored work done or something unexpected happens during the renovation. Likewise, liability insurance covers your personal liability for the company’s workers in case of any injuries occur on the job.

Are You a Kitchen Specialist?

Different areas of the house require the correct knowledge and experience. Hiring a contractor or company specializing in kitchen renovation will ensure that all the kitchen design and work are top quality down to the details.

How Many Kitchen Renovations Have You Completed?

Asking the kitchen renovation company how many successful projects they have worked on will give you an idea of how they work as a company. In addition, it shows how experienced they are and how reliable the company is.  You may also want to look them up to see if they have many Google reviews of remodeling jobs in your local area.

How Many Subcontractors Will Be Working on the Renovation?

Some companies will have painters, electricians, carpenters, cabinet makers, and other subcontractors, while some may be employees. It’s important to know that insurance and worker’s compensation laws cover the subcontractors.  The more sub-contractors on the job, means the kitchen remodel company has less control over the people who will be in your home.

Who Are the Home Renovation Company’s Suppliers?

Knowing where the company is purchasing its materials from is essential. In addition, you want to ensure that the suppliers are reputable and within the price range you can afford. Research the suppliers to see if they have good quality products and materials by reading online reviews.

Does the Kitchen Contractor Have Staff To Answer Questions?

You want to work with a company that offers a good customer experience. If you have any questions or concerns, they should be able to answer them quickly and correctly.  More importantly, they should have a specific person you can address your questions to in order to ensure the person knows the ins and outs of your particular home improvement project.

Does the Company Provide a Warranty?

The supplies sent by the manufacturer will have a warranty on its products, but the company should have its own warranty for installation and other craftsmanship of the kitchen.

Are You Affiliated With Industry Organizations, and for How Long?

Affiliations show that the company is up to standards and trends. For example, some affiliations can be the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and more.

Do You Have Financing Options?

Having different finance options may help increase the renovation budget. Find a kitchen renovation company that can give you more alternatives for additional materials or designs you want your new kitchen to have.

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