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Michigan Kitchen Remodeling Design Center

Does your home not match your vision of what you think it should be? Is your growing family struggling to find space in your kitchen or bathroom? Are you thinking of turning your unfinished basement into an apartment or game room? A complete home renovation with All in One Design Build could be the answer. Our Michigan Kitchen Remodeling Design Center has all you need to get your kitchen and bathroom done right.

Make Your Next Remodel Easy and Exciting

So many Michiganders have spent winter days and COVID lockdowns feeling cooped up in their homes and wishing their homes could still excite them, the way they did when they first moved in. At All in One Design Build, we bring that excitement back. Our experienced design team of professionals will take care of the hassles and hard work, so you can relax and let your dream home take shape.

Technology and Talent from All in One Design Build

In our design centers, we use 3D computer technology to visualize the layout, décor, and staging of every project, so that you can be sure that you and our team know what to expect before we start your project. We consult with you in-depth, discussing:

  •     the technical specifications in understandable language
  •     how your family plans to use the remodeled room or rooms
  •     your feelings and concerns about your home and the remodeling project
  •     what excites you the most about the home remodel

All in One Design Build is a family-owned company and one of your neighbors in Howell, MI. We strive to go beyond expectations to create functional and stylish living spaces that will delight you and your family for generations.

Home Remodel Design Center

All in One Design Build specializes in kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling projects. Whether you’re looking for a surface makeover, restoration, or a complete gutting and replacement of everything inside, we’re up for the challenge.

Kitchen Remodeling Showroom

Are you putting off inviting your family to holiday gatherings because you don’t have space in your kitchen to cook a proper holiday dinner? Are morning breakfasts a battle for appliances and counter space? We’ll create an optimized full-service kitchen with elegance, including top-quality countertops and custom cabinetry. You and your family can enjoy mealtimes without frustration in a new, upgraded kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling Showroom

Your bathroom needs to be safe and comfortable. Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom to accommodate a family member with limited mobility, expanding to suit a larger family, or just looking for a new aesthetic, All in One Design Build is ready. We have the best selection of tile, tubs, toilets, and more.

Basement Remodels

A basement remodel is a cost-effective way to add functional living space. The design experts at the Michigan Kitchen Remodeling Design Center will work with you to optimize and reimagine your basement. Avoid the hassles and risks of DIY basement construction with a professional basement remodel.

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All in One Design Build has everything you need for successful basement, bathroom, and kitchen remodels. Call 517-552-5985 today to schedule a design consultation.

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