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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Services

Old, familiar cabinets can fade into the background, making it hard to appreciate how much a kitchen cabinet remodel can transform and reinvigorate a kitchen. All in One Design Build gives you the tools to create one-of-a-kind cabinet solutions.

Do You Need New Kitchen Cabinets?

Homeowners renovate their kitchen cabinets for many reasons, and each project is unique. However, when our design experts at the Michigan Kitchen Remodeling Design Center look for signs that new cabinets might be right for a homeowner:

  •     Are your cabinets too small for your needs?
  •     Do you need cabinets that are accessible for someone with a disability?
  •     Are you thinking of selling your home and looking for ways to increase its value?
  •     Is your kitchen cabinetry out of step with the design scheme you want?

Custom cabinet installation can be the focal point of a comprehensive kitchen makeover. New cabinets offer a high return on investment, often adding over a thousand dollars to home sale prices.

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Space-Saving Cabinets

If you own a house with older cabinets, you might find that they are too small to accommodate a modern lifestyle. You might not need a bigger kitchen to hold all your cooking accessories. Cabinets with state-of-the-art space-saving features increase the functionality of small kitchens without a full kitchen remodel.

Custom Cabinets

Customization is crucial to achieving a look that stands out and functionality that enhances your lifestyle. Why use off-the-shelf cabinets that might not be the right size for you and look just like all the other cabinets in the store? Custom cabinets with design elements that reflect your theme make your home stand out.

Does your kitchen have a beach or garden theme? Consider knobs shaped like seashells or flowers.

Are you into baking, grilling, or another culinary activity and need room for accessories? Design your cabinets to fit your equipment.

Are your current cabinets hard to reach? Do they have dark corners? Redesign your cabinet layout for ease of use and make the most of natural light.

Our design experts understand kitchen cabinet remodeling and interior design. They will work with you to craft the perfect set of kitchen cabinets as the capstone to your dream kitchen cabinetry project.

Professional, Integrated Cabinetry at All in One Design Build

Whether you are a new homeowner or bringing your ancestral home up to date, All in One Design Build puts the latest technology and decades of experience to work for you. Create your perfect kitchen cabinetry today by calling 517-552-5985 to schedule a free kitchen design consultation.

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