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Kitchen Remodel Costs

How To Set Your Remodeling Budget

Design, Labor, Materials, Countertops, and Fixtures are included in the estimates below. Permit Painting, (Flooring, unless othewise indicated) & Appliances are NOT included.


Design, Labor, Materials, Countertops, and Fixtures.


Permit fees, smoke detector upgrades (code requirement for most areas), painting or staining, decorative light fixtures, flooring and appliances.

Starting a remodeling project

We understand how difficult it is to undertake a comprehensive kitchen renovation project. That’s why we don’t offer “quick-fixes” or utilize poor construction materials. It takes time to get things right. It’s as simple as that. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is be a big decision to undertake a significant remodeling project or to start from the ground up, but it may be the best method to acquire your ideal house. It’s difficult to predict the cost of adding on a room since there are so many variables to consider. Depending on square footage, construction materials, and personal preferences, we may require assistance from an architect. To discuss your project and estimate costs, give us a call now.


How we price a project

Pricing varies significantly from project to project, primarily depending on your budget. During our first discussion, we’ll explain which ideas will and won’t work for you. Take a look at the numbers below to get a better feel for what some of our small to large full remodel projects cost. Keep in mind that these are only estimates based on prior work in Michigan. Every project is different; therefore, costs vary considerably.

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