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What Makes Us Different From Other Remodelers?

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Why Michigan homeowners choose to work with us

We stand by our work

we take pride in our team and the quality of work they deliver. As a show of this confidence, we guarantee every aspect that comes into contact with your project; from design through installation – you can rest assured knowing there will be no differences made without fail or question! Poor craftsmanship has been known time after again as one thing leading up to poor results so don’t accept another company’s offer unless trust truly runs deep between yourself & them

We are Ready for Issues and Will Do Our Best to Resolve Them

Hiring us for your next project means that you are guaranteed an experience full of surprises. We’re ready to tackle any problem or obstacle head-on no matter how difficult the task may seem at first glance, because we know there will inevitably be something unexpected along the way – just like everything else in life!

We Return Phone Calls Promptly and Show Up on Time

We guarantee that you will be able to speak with someone every time. Other contractors put up their phone numbers on the web only for customers like yourself who are left waiting or getting disappointing answers, never showing up as promised and forcing them reschedule appointments all together because of inconveniences such as these!

Client Communication is Our Key Objective

Working with us means you can communicate more easily and share your ideas about the project. You will have a clear plan, which is important for any remodeling job to be successful. The best part? We use technology so we never miss deadlines or schedule changes!

We are family owned Michigan rooted Company

Why not let John and his wife, Saundra take care of your kitchen remodeling needs? They have years experience in the industry that will enable them to provide you with a solution tailored just for what’s bothering YOU. From complete bathrooms all-the way down too individualized rebuilds on homes across Southeast Michigan – these guys got everything covered!

Our Design Center has everything you need in one place for your remodeling project.

Our design centers use 3D computer technology to visualize the layouts, décor and staging of every project so that you can be sure what is coming up next. We consult with our clients in-depth discussing all aspects before starting their upcoming work.

  •     the technical specifications in understandable language
  •     how your family plans to use the remodeled room or rooms
  •     your feelings and concerns about your home and the remodeling project
  •     what excites you the most about the home remodel

The kitchen remodeling experts at All in One Design Build have everything you need to make your dream kitchens a reality. From tile floors and backsplashes, cabinets & countertops as well as plumbing service for any project- they’re the team for you!

You will work with a remodeling design expert throughout your entire project.

We have a team of diverse designers who specialize in different aspects. We’ll work with you to create the best final design that suits your taste, needs and budget! Our estimators offer price estimates as well time frames for our projects so we can give accurate quotes without any hidden costs or surprises up ahead
Our project managers are responsible for managing multiple tasks at once while also keeping track on their progress throughout each day

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Why Michigan Home Owners Work with Us?

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