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Michigan Residents Favor Classic Kitchen Design During Home Remodeling Projects

Classic kitchen design is a hot trend right now, not only in Michigan but all over the country. Many homeowners do not put a name to this aesthetic, but they have usually seen it when our design professionals start to describe some of the features. Below, the All in One Kitchen & Bath team shares more information about these classic kitchen design options that deliver a traditional yet fresh appeal in any kitchen.

Kitchen Updating With A Beautiful Home Remodeling Project

The kitchen is one of the most common rooms that homeowners find themselves wanting to remodel because of its centrality to the home and family. It is where families gather in the “heart of the home,” and various new kitchen styles can make this into a multifunctional room that brings even more value to friends and family. Custom options are always available, and a professional kitchen designer like ours will guide the correct elements to the forefront of the kitchen remodel.

Classic kitchen design options are so popular because, for many families, the kitchen doubles as a dining room and meal preparation area. It also sees a lot of homework traffic for younger family members, and it is not unusual for parents to work at the kitchen table, either. A classic style is a perfect option for transforming the kitchen into a highly functional, diverse, and stylish space.

The Many Benefits of Classic Kitchen Design

Let’s take a look at the advantages of the classic kitchen design to understand the nuances of this setup, including how these elements come together so well.

Timeless Beauty

Classic kitchen designs typically incorporate a neutral color palette for lots of whites, grays, and beige tones. Subway tile backsplashes are also popular in the classic kitchen for timeless beauty that is also highly customizable. Classic features focus on making the kitchen space a “flexible space” where life can happen as it needs to without detracting from the functional beauty.

A Kitchen Island

A classic design typically includes a kitchen island to add some versatility to the cooking space. The island is usually simple yet elegant (homeowners will not find a stainless-steel island in a classic kitchen).

Minimalistic Cabinetry

There are not many raised or paneled doors in a classic kitchen, and the cabinet styles are simple. Shaker door styles with simple molding are a popular choice, as is white cabinetry.

Shining Countertops

There is nothing more impressive than the white marble counters in a classic kitchen design. These shimmering countertops are a favorite in this design spectrum, with other options of light-colored granite and composite tops also available. You won’t find concrete or stainless-steel surfaces in these areas.

Pretty Lighting

The classic kitchen design’s most striking feature is its tell-tale pendant lighting to illuminate the classic kitchen island. It also uses inside cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, and track lights to highlight certain areas and create stunning visual effects.

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