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For homeowners and interior designers, finding cabinet storage ideas that will keep your kitchen tidy while complementing its design is one of the most important things to consider when remodeling or building a new house in Eastern Michigan. In an age where homebuyers are growing more comfortable living in compact spaces, efficiency is essential in maintaining a clutter-free and restful environment.

Designers worldwide have been inventing new storage solutions to help you keep your kitchen organized and welcoming. In this article from the remodeling experts at All In One Kitchen & Bath, we’ll give you the five most creative and practical cabinet storage options that will let you prepare food more efficiently without damaging the design of your kitchen.

1. Open Shelving for Your Primary Dining Set

Many people have a primary dining set of dishes and one reserved for VIP dinners and other important gatherings. Open shelving employs a practical approach to kitchen décor as it uses your cups, pots, pans, and plates as design elements instead of hiding them away in a drawer. 

Most people choose to display their formal china on open shelving, which can be a bad idea. If natural light touches your VIP dining plates, its colors can fade. You will also have to deal with occasional dust bunnies and rewashing the entire set if you plan to use it for a special occasion. 

Instead of using your formal dining set for décor, use your primary one. It will encourage you to keep it spotless and inform you when you need to replace a piece.

2. Keep a Separate Cabinet Space for Cleaning Supplies

The kitchen can be one of the messiest spaces in a house. At All In One Kitchen & Bath, we encourage customers to designate a cabinet for cleaning supplies for their kitchens. This keeps potentially toxic cleaning materials separate from food.

Having a separate cabinet for your kitchen cleaning supplies will allow you to have a mop handy whenever a guest or your kids spill a drink on the floor. It will streamline your kitchen sanitation routine and avoid the need to go to another part of the house for cleaning supplies while you’re in the middle of cooking or entertaining.

3. Install a Pull-Out Chopping Block Next to the Garbage Disposal

Make the process of cleaning up fruit, vegetable, and food scraps by installing a pull-out chopping block next to the garbage disposal. Once you discover the magic of eliminating waste with only a couple of hand movements, you’ll never go back to messily transferring it from the countertop to a trash can on the other side of the kitchen.

4. Get a Spice Compartment as Part of Your Kitchen Remodel

Spice racks are out, and hidden spice compartments are the new trend. Kids, pets, and guests can accidentally knock seasonings off your countertops, creating a huge mess involving broken glass. Install a spice compartment in one of your counters and figure out what to do with all the new real estate on your countertops later.

5. Compartmentalize Your Produce with Separate Bins

If you only have time to visit the grocery store once a week, you might be a fan of buying your produce in bulk. Some fruits like tomatoes and apples generate ethylene, which can fill your fridge and accelerate the overripening process of your other produce.

If you buy your produce in bulk, consider organizing them in separate bins that will keep their ethylene diffusion to a minimum.

For More Ideas, Contact Your Kitchen Remodeling Experts

Building a kitchen that balances form and function can be challenging even for the most experienced DIY project planners. Contact your storage and remodeling experts from All In One Kitchen & Bath and get some professional advice. Call 517-552-5985 today and discuss more innovative cabinet storage options with a free consultation.