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Cabinet Design Choices for Michigan Luxury Homes

Michigan is home to beautiful lake views, breathtaking scenery, and innovative architecture. Your Michigan home should reflect that natural beauty and your vision of how your home should be. If you’re new to cabinet design, you might not be aware of your cabinet design choices and design trends. Take some time to consider your options and visualize their potential before planning your next kitchen or bathroom room remodeling project.

The design experts at All in One Design Build create custom home remodeling plans that breathe new life into old Michigan homes to a standard of excellence and luxury.

What Are the Different Types of Cabinet Styles?

Developing a cabinet style that accentuates the layout and feel of your kitchen takes time, but most homeowners find it exciting to explore the options. Some kitchen cabinet door styles that our customers tend to prefer include:

  •     Shaker cabinets for their traditional look
  •     European cabinet designs for their sleek elegance
  •     Beadboard cabinets to suit a rustic cottage décor

You don’t have to limit yourself to a preexisting style. With computer-aided design from All in One Design Build, you can create your unique style with custom cabinetry and view your design choices in a 3D model before you decide.

What Are the Different Types of Cabinet Finishes?

Natural Cabinets

If the natural wood color of a cabinet suits your décor, why not leave it as it is?

Stained and Varnished Cabinets

Stains and varnishes provide some protection from the elements, add color accents, and let through the natural wood grain.

Painted Cabinets

A layer of primer and a coat or two of paint is a simple and economical way to give your cabinets a smooth look. Painted colors can match the custom color scheme of your remodeled kitchen.

Distressed Cabinets

Rustic kitchen themes can bring a natural look to your kitchen. A carefully distressed cabinet design provides a weather-beaten appearance without sacrificing durability. 

Cabinets with Reclaimed Wood

Custom cabinets can incorporate wood and other materials from other natural or constructed sources. These could include beams from a family home, driftwood, and other design elements

white cabinets in new kitchen

What Are the Most Requested Cabinet Accessories?

New cabinets contribute a great deal to the appeal and functionality of a kitchen, but they work together with other elements by:

  •     integrating trash and recycling bins to save floor space in small kitchens
  •     incorporating storage for cutlery and cookware into a cabinet or countertop
  •     making the best use of available cabinet space with roll-out and fold-out shelving
  •     integrating appliances into the cabinet layout for a unified and cohesive design

Does your kitchen have an irregular shape? Does your current kitchen design have wasted space? Our experts will help you choose the accessories that bring out your kitchen’s full potential.

Get All Your Cabinet Materials in One Place with All in One Design Build

All in One Design Build offers top-notch materials and customer service for cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements under the guidance of our expert designers at the Michigan Remodeling Design Center in Howell, MI. Call us at 517-552-5985 to schedule a professional design consultation to discuss design choices.

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