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We know the feeling if your basement is more like a dark, dingy dungeon that you haven’t touched since you moved in.

Don’t worry! We’ve found some excellent basement design ideas to add lasting value to your home.

This blog post has the scoop on some of the most popular basement interior design trends in Ann Arbor.

4 Basement Remodeling Ideas Trending in Ann Arbor, MI


Basement Home Office

unclutteredhouse on Instagram

If you’re looking to get a little more workspace in your home, one of the best basement design ideas is to turn it into a home office, as @unclutteredhouse has done in this remodel.

Here are five things to consider when creating the perfect basement home office:

  • Make sure it’s well ventilated
  • Add lighting (and lots of it)
  • Create both private and communal spaces for employees/family members to work in
  • Choose furniture that can withstand heavy use over time without showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Include storage options that don’t take up too much room

Updated Rec Room

boost_officer on Instagram

There are tons of ways you can use a basement, like this rec room from @boost_officer. The most obvious is a rec room, with a pool table, foosball table, and dartboard—but there are other ways to make it functional.

You can turn it into an exercise room with a treadmill and weights or even create an area where people can meditate or nap if they want to break from all the chaos. You can even add a TV if you wish.

Basement rec rooms are great for parties, too—just make sure there’s enough space for everyone!

Swanky Basement Bar

danthebourbonman on Instagram

A bar in your basement is the perfect place to entertain family and friends. Apart from using the space to entertain, take a cue from @danthebourbonman and set up your drinks and wine cellar in this space.

If you plan to have an underground bar, it will be vulnerable to flooding, so make sure you build your bar and/or wine cellar above ground level so that water doesn’t reach your precious supplies.

Modern Basement Family Room

fromtrialtostyle on Instagram

A family room in the basement, such as this one from @fromtrialtostyle is a great way to turn an otherwise wasted space into a great room that everyone in your family will love. When choosing materials for your family room, look for durable materials like stone or wood veneer on countertops, floors, and cabinetry to last for years.

In addition, consider using lots of mirrors in your design, as these add light to a confined space and make it feel larger than it is.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re looking to build a modern basement from scratch or continue your remodeling project, consider implementing these basement design ideas for your home.

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